Design Process

Master Campus Planning
The Master Campus Planning process offers a clear understanding of the potential of the site as it relates to the vision of the church for the future. All buildings, parking and roads will be sited along with development requirements such as detention ponds and easements. Master Planning can be part of the complete architectural design service of a site or it can stand-alone.

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The Program is the owner’s description of what is required of the new or renovated building. It is usually prepared under a separate agreement and fee structure. We assist our church clients in developing their program as a part of the Schematic Design phase.

Schematic Design
The Schematic Design Phase establishes the conceptual design of the Project illustrating the scale and relationship of the Project components. They typically include a conceptual site plan, preliminary floor plans, general sections and building elevations.

Design Development
The Design Development Phase illustrates and describes the refinement of the design of the Project, establishing the scope, relationships, forms, size and appearance of the Project.

Construction Documents
The Construction Documents set forth in detail the requirements for the permitting and construction of the Project. The Construction Documents include Drawings and Specifications that establish in detail the quality levels of materials and systems required for the Project.

Bidding and Negotiation
The Architect assists the Owner in obtaining either competitive bids or negotiated proposals and assists the Owner in awarding and preparing the contracts for construction.

Construction Contract Administration
The Architect administers the requirements of the Contract between the Owner and the Contractor during the construction of the Project. This is generally accomplished by observing the work as it progresses, reviewing shop drawings and product data information submitted by the Contractor and reviewing and certifying the Contractor’s applications for payment.